The Remote Shield:
A Remote Worker’s Comprehensive Guide to Cyber Security

Working remotely? “The Remote Shield” is your guide. Journey through the realm of cybersecurity alongside Joe, a fellow remote professional. Discover the ins and outs of secure internet practices, email pitfalls to be wary of, and strategies to protect your data. Using a narrative-driven method, “The Remote Shield” demystifies complex tech jargon, making cybersecurity concepts accessible to all. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and ensure your remote work environment remains uncompromised.


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Established in 2018, we help businesses like yours protect technology assets and become compliant with information security laws and regulations. Managing technology and protecting information has never been more important, and we work hard to ensure that your business meets and exceeds the requirements with complete cybersecurity check-ups, IT infrastructure management, and support services when you need them the most.

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I reached out to Justin on a Sunday because my computer was infected with Malware and there was an administrative block on my computer preventing me from downloading anything to remove the malware. I was stuck! Justin called me within an hour of my reaching out and set up a time to come to my house that same afternoon. He came by, grabbed my computer, and took it to be repaired. Justin then delivered my PC back to my house at 9am the next morning and set it up perfectly. His service was perfect, convenient, and worth every penny I paid. I highly recommend Reef Cyber Security to anyone looking for tech help.

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