From the health sector to a busy office, Reef Cyber Security is your first choice for regulations and compliance remediation. We can help all businesses to build better systems, ensuring compliance with regulations relevant to your industry. Enhancing cybersecurity and strengthening your IT systems to provide the highest levels of protection, we have been improving business practices since 2018 – is it time that you lifted your business to the next level?


Reef Cyber Security was founded by Justin Riddle to help and support businesses that are navigating through the multiple challenges of modern cybersecurity and legal compliance. Justin has been interested in technology from a young age and has dedicated his career to advancing his knowledge of the industry. Still enthralled with technology in all its forms, Justin can often be found tinkering with his own projects just for fun – that is, when he isn’t spending his spare time sailing. Justin also wants to bring positive changes to the businesses he works with along with making an impact in communities worldwide with his charitable work.


Reef Cyber Security would be nothing without our clients and Sara is the genius behind making sure our customers have everything they need to succeed.
She has a passion for communicating and training. With a background in Real Estate and Family Services there's nothing she can't accomplish.

OUR CyberSecurity Digital Content Manager.

Reef Cyber Security's content manager Lisa is the face behind the content. Her expertise makes us look good! Her tireless effort allows us to focus clearly on our customers, keeping them safe and working in our digital world.
Lisa comes from Toronto with a background in digital content and management.
When she's not saving our image she's sending time with her family, especially the grandchildren!

What We Provide.

Compliance Services

Make certain that your business adheres to all the appropriate regulations to remain compliant and provide the best possible service for your clients.

IT Consultancy

Managed services, IT outsourcing, network configuration, and IT support to keep your tech in order. We will boost your cybersecurity and monitor your systems for issues.

Peace of Mind

We are here to keep your business safe, secure, and ready for the future. Your business is safe in our hands.

You can’t afford to fall behind with cybersecurity and customer service. Let us protect you from the cyber storm.